January 2011

Medical Training Conference
In early January, we were very excited to host a training conference for medical personnel in Aden. Dr Edwin Martin, a long term supporter of Ras Morbat Clinic, works for the UK-based charity Dr Edwin presenting certificate to Dr Nada at the Ras Morbat Clinic, Aden, YemenPRIME which offers medical training to doctors and nurses in many countries to improve healthcare worldwide. Edwin organised the three-day course focussing on patient-centred medicine. He was accompanied by his wife, Peta, who is an experienced nurse, and by Dr Tony Cole, a doctor with many years of experience working in the Middle East. The course was attended by 35 health workers from across Aden, including staff from Ras Morbat Clinic, doctors from the medical faculty at the University of Aden and health workers from the local government clinic. There are few opportunities in Aden for doctors to continue their medical education throughout their career and all the participants were very pleased to have the chance to expand their knowledge and meet new people.

Prime training participants at the Ras Morbat Clinic in Aden, YemenTony, Edwin and Peta also spent a morning at the government hospital and university providing training in communication skills for the doctors, and meeting the Dean of the Medical Faculty. They hope to be able to build a lasting relationship with the University to provide on-going medical training for doctors in Aden, and we wish them every success with this new endeavour and look forward to seeing them regularly in the future.

Yemen Smile
In November 2010 we were pleased to welcome Dr Bona to Ras Morbat Clinic again. Dr Bona runs the charity Yemen Smile which provides cleft lip and cleft palate operations to the people of Yemen. He spends much time touring the country and treating patients identified by local clinics. Ras Morbat Clinic has hosted his work for many years and we enjoy a fruitful partnership, enabling the work of Yemen Smile to reach the people of Aden. During this visit he performed 17 operations, and we look forward to welcoming him again in 2011.

USS Cole Memorial Service
On 12 October 2010 a memorial service was held at Christ Church to mark the 10th anniversary of the bombing of the USS Cole in Aden harbour. It was a quiet and prayerful service, honouring those who had died and remembering those who still grieve. For security reasons the service was not advertised in advance, but after the service a message was sent to the current commanding officer of USS Cole to inform the victims’ friends and families that the service had taken place. We received many messages of gratitude in return.

USS Cole Memorial Service, Aden, Yemen

Remembrance Day Services

Remembrance Day at Silent Valley - Christ Church Aden, YemenA month later, on 11 November, we held the annual Services of Remembrance to mark the end of the First World War and to remember all those who have died while serving their countries. Services were held at Christ Church, Silent Valley Cemetery and Ma’alla Cemetery, where service personnel of many nationalities are buried.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them.”

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