August 2010

New Doctors Arrive
We are delighted to announce that two Korean doctors, Jihong and Sunghye, have arrived at Christ Church and are working at Ras Morbat Clinic on a permanent basis. Dr Jihong is an experienced ophthalmologist and has already proved to be a great asset in the Eye Department. We have been without a permanent eye surgeon since January and have been dependent on visiting surgeons to perform operations. Jihong’s arrival means that regular operations have resumed which is wonderful news for the many people in Yemen who are visually impaired. Jihong is also training the two junior ophthalmologists, Dr Tahani and Dr Randa, who have recently joined the Diploma in Ophthalmology course at the University of Aden. Jihong’s wife, Dr Sunghye, is a gynaecologist/ obstetrician and is serving the local female population in the General Department. The clinic has not had a gynaecologist for a number of years and word is now spreading that she is here. Both doctors have been received warmly by the clinic staff.

Solomon’s Baptism

Rev Nigel Dawkins with the newly baptised Solomon and familyThere was a great celebration on 4th June when Solomon Nazir, the youngest member of the congregation, was baptised at the main service. It was a joy for all to share such an important day with Nazir, Firdous and their family. Firdous is the nurse in the General Department at Ras Morbat Clinic and lives on site with her family. Solomon is the Pakistani family’s third child, his brother Adam and his sister Edna already being regular members of the children’s Friday School which meets during worship on Friday mornings. We welcomed Solomon into the family of the Church and celebrated with a party after the service.

Dr Jan’s Visit
In June we welcomed Dr Jan Tynovsky, an eye surgeon from the Czech Republic, to Ras Morbat Clinic. He came for ten days and performed many eye operations whilst here. Jan is no stranger to Aden, having been here many times before. He enjoyed being back, especially having the chance to visit old haunts and meet old friends. We are extremely grateful to Jan for giving his time and skill so generously to the clinic here, and very much hope that he will be able to visit us again next year.

Ordination in Baghdad
Bishop Michael, Rev Faiz and the clergy at St George's in BaghdadAnother highlight of the summer was our visit to St George’s Church in Baghdad to attend an ordination. We met Faiz and his wife at diocesan synod in February and heard what life has been like for Iraqi Christians in recent years. He is the first Iraqi to be ordained into the Anglican church and we were delighted to secure visas and go to Iraq to support him at his deaconing. We had a wonderful time meeting the Iraqis who make up the congregation at St George’s Church, and enjoyed meeting a number of expats working in military and diplomatic roles in the Green Zone

Ever keen to visit Biblical sites, we also had a day-trip out of Baghdad to visit two fascinating places: Babylon and Ezekiel’s tomb. Iraq continues to be a country of great insecurity where the future is uncertain, and we continue to pray for its people as they build a new life for themselves.

Prayer Points

  • for Jihong and Sunghye as they settle into life and work in Aden
  • for the security situation in Yemen
  • for the people of Yemen as they struggle to live with fuel shortages and rising electricity and water prices
  • for the work and ministry of St George’s Church in Baghdad
Yemen - Heartbreak and Hope by Peter Crooks

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