New Year Update – January 2015

The Revd Velvet and his wife Revd Vijaya arrived in Aden on 19 November 2014 and were warmly welcomed by the congregation and staff at Ras Morbat. Bishop Michael conducted their licensing service in November.


Since then they have been busy celebrating Christmas and setting up a new church service in one of the Indian languages, Malayalam, enabling some to worship in their own language.

Father Velvet writes,

“On 13th December Bishop Michael inaugurated our Christmas celebrations by cutting a Christmas cake with the congregation in the presence of the staff of Ras Morbat Clinic. And on the 24th December the English congregation celebrated Christmas Eve along with cultural programmes and a fellowship dinner. Father Christmas (Santa Claus) distributed special gifts to all children. On Friday, 26th December the Malayalam congregation also celebrated Christmas with carol services, games and with a fellowship dinner.

The End of Year Thanksgiving service is a milestone in the history of Christ Church, Aden. During this meeting all the members shared their testimonies.

The new year of 2015 is a blessed one for Christ Church, Aden. We started Bible study classes for children and for adults, led by Revd Vijaya and Revd Velvet respectively.

The situation in Yemen is worsening. The President resigned due to political uncertainty. Instability in Sana continues but Aden is not affected much. The airports in Sana and Aden were closed for a few days, but now Aden airport is open. However strikes every Monday create lots of problems in different parts of the city. By God’s grace, so far the issues have not yet affected the service of Christ Church and the work of the Ras Morbat Clinic.”

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