Christ Church Aden, Yemen

Christ Church is an Anglican church in the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf – in fact the work and ministry of Christ Church and its clinic is a key project of the Diocese.

For almost 150 years, daily prayer and weekly worship have shaped its mission.  Today that mission is to serve many people: the Yemenis and refugees who are healed in the medical clinic or whose sight is restored in the eye department, the seafarers who are visited in the port and the weary who rest in the guesthouse.  Christ Church Aden is an enduring sign of God’s love in Yemen.

In addition to providing weekly worship for the Christian community in Aden, the church runs the charitable Ras Morbat Clinic from its compound.  The work of the clinic provides affordable reliable health care for the people of Aden and beyond.

Despite the country’s present fragile and precarious state, a small, warm-hearted, international congregation continues to meet each Friday to worship, visitors – though far fewer than in the past – to call, and hospitality and support to be offered to seafarers.

The chaplain at Christ Church is also the agent of the Mission to Seafarers in the Port of Aden. On a week-by-week basis, this work involves pastoral ship-visiting. One sailor told the chaplain that the Mission to Seafarers‘ agents were the only people who ever came on board not wanting something for themselves. From time to time there are more challenging issues to deal with: entire crews have been abandoned in the port of Aden without pay, with individuals sometimes owed tens of thousands of dollars.

This video was made by Nigel Dawkins while he was Chaplain and Director of the Clinic at Aden.  It gives a great insight into the life and work of Christ Church.

Download the full 12 minute version to share with your church and friends


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