Christ Church Aden is an Anglican church in the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf. For almost 150 years, daily prayer and weekly worship have shaped its mission. Today that mission is to serve many people: the Yemenis and refugees who are healed in the medical clinic and whose sight is restored in the eye department, the seafarers visited in the port and the weary who rest in the guesthouse. Christ Church is an enduring sign of God's love in Yemen.

From Bishop Michael

Bishop Michael Lewis, Bishop in Cyprus and the Gulf Christ Church Aden, incorporating the Ras Morbat Clinic, is a sign of hope and love. All the activities that go on within the compound are intended as an offering of thanks to God. Since God is the only maker of all creation, the activities are also acts of service to God's people and a witness to God's embracing love for us all. Christians rejoice with their brothers and sisters, Muslims and others, that He has all of us in His hand, and He is merciful, compassionate and close.

May God bless the Yemen, Aden, Ras Morbat, and Christ Church.
+ Michael Cyprus and the Gulf